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2016 PX Series 2 Blue Ford Ranger Duel Cab

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Reference no: 1247

Date: 5/12/2016

Design Brief : Dave and Mitchell  Came out Requesting a new tray and Toolboxes to be fabricated for their new Work Vehicle.

We fitted a 1900mm x 1900mm Tray with  3 inch Headboard, 3 inch Removable Rear Rack  2 x Shaped under body toolboxes , and a 1500mm x  150mm Deep Trundle Tray .

We also Fitted a Custom Feature of a Aircraft Style Filler Point to add a more class to the tray and to get ride of the ugly Factory filler point.

We also Cut out their Business Logo in the Headboard mesh For them.

They wanted something special with regards to fit and finish and the Colour Matched / Custom 2 tone paint for the Vehicle came out great and we hope Alex is happy with his new Tray.

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PX Series 2 Ford Ranger Wildtrak Tray and Canopy

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Reference no: 0286

Design Brief :  Bruce Came out after a Custom Tray and Canopy for his New Wildtrak Ranger. He wanted the Best of both worlds with regards to a solid Steel tray That he can use on the Weekend but also a Aluminium canopy that he can fit out with all his tools and use daily, but simply lift off with the 4 Slide in Legs and wheel about his garage when he needs too.

We Shaped our Tray body to Suit his Canopy Supplied to us from CSM so the overall Look matches up perfectly.

All Colour Matched to the Vehicle we Know this came out great and we hope Bruce is happy with his new Tray and Canopy.

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