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Stainless Steel Watertanks

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Reference no. 4045 , 5021, 5057

We recently fabricated a few different water tanks for different customers in the workshop. One tank to go against the headboard inside a canopy and the other two are custom size tanks. All of our tanks are fully tig welded and have internal baffles for strength and to reduce water sloshing. We fit multiple drain and breather fittings and barbs on these tanks to suit the customers needs.

Punching Bag Hanging Frames

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Reference no. 1989

Punch Love Womens Fitness contacted us to fabricate 20 hanging boxing bag racks for their new location. We then got the frames sent off to be powder coated ready to be for them to be installed.

Isuzu Truck Headboard Toolbox

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Reference no. 1984

We recently fabricated a simple headboard toolbox for this small Isuzu truck for a customer. The box features and elevated and protected storage drawer on the passengers side, unistrut roof racks fitted to the top and central locking for the doors.

Isuzu Rigid Truck Headboard Toolbox and Custom Underbody Toolboxes

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Reference no. 1982

A recent job out of the workshop was this Isuzu rigid truck that got some custom toolboxes from us. The large toolbox at the front of the tray features a large full length adjustable shelf. One of the underbody toolboxes has a fixed shelf as well as two storage drawers. All three of the toolboxes have mirror finish stainless doors fitted.

Hino Truck Toolboxes with Rear Loader

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Reference no. 1946

Here is some toolboxes we recently fabricated for a Hino truck. The drivers side toolbox consists of multiple adjustable shelves with deep storage drawers located underneath. The passengers side box also has some adjustable shelves as well as wide and deep storage drawers, hooks for hanging extension leads and gas bottle holders on the back wall with a vent. The space between the boxes is closed of at the rear with a door and a removable panel at the front. On top we also attached some lengths of unistrut in which we attached unistrut cross bars to which can be moved front to back to the desired location. Finally on the rear we retro-fitted the customers existing rear loader to the back of the tray.

Toyota LandCruiser 79 Canopy, Underbody Toolboxes and WaterTank

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Reference no. 1945

One of our recent jobs out of the workshop, custom aluminium canopy for a 79 Series LandCruiser with storage drawer on drivers side and a slide out table underneath it. The rear wall features two adjustable spare wheel mounts. On the passenger side is an open space to fit his two fridges which both have an anderson plug wired into the canopy. Underneath the tray is two underbody toolboxes one fitted out with his ARB compressor and the pump for his water tank. The stainless steel water tank we fabricated is fitted at the rear of the tray where the single spare wheel used to be and is plumbed up to the pump as well as a gravity fed tap at the rear.