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Isuzu Truck Tapered Ladder Racks

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Reference no. 1980

Custom fabricated steel ladder racks tapered down towards the rear of the truck. Feature removable pins in each end of all 3 racks.

Triton Custom Camper Canopy

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Reference no. 1969

We recently fabricated a custom camper canopy to fit on the back of a Mitsubishi Triton. The camper features front and rear windows to retain some visibility out the rear and allow natural light in, nose cone on the front section above the cab for aerodynamics and three flush mounted doors, one for access to inside the camper and the other two larger doors for storage access. On the roof we fitted some unistrut as roof racks for additional storage and cargo space.

Boat Centre Console Frame Bracing

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Reference no. 1968

We fabricated some additional stainless steel bracing for the centre console frame on a customers boat as the current set-up was a bit unstable and flimsy. Some custom stainless steel brackets were fabricated that were designed to allow all of the additional stainless steel pipe that we were adding to be able to bolt to the existing frame.

Hino Tipper Truck Modifications

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Reference no. 1959

Hino Tipper Truck came in for some major modifications and additions to the tray to suit the customers requirements. The sides and rear of the tipper were extended up 900mm, the drivers side was made into a fixed wall while the the passengers side wall was left as a hinge down side. The rear tailgate was removed and replaced with two swing out barn doors that can be secured to the sides of the tray when tipping. One the front of the headboard we also fitted a shovel holder and broom holder. On the top of the tray we also fitted an Everlast tarp to secure the load within the tray.

Isuzu Truck Toolbox Smash Repair

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Reference no. 1958

Completed smash repair on a toolbox and tray body for an Isuzu truck. The toolbox needed to be straightened out after the door had been left open and collided with a pole. The corners of the toolbox were repaired and re-welded as well as a new door fabricated. The passenger side of the body was sanded down and prepped ready to be given a fresh coat of paint to restore the body back to original.

Caravan Drawbar Toolbox

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Reference no. 1938

Custom fabricated toolbox to fit at the front of a caravan featuring a separate top box to store awning poles and ropes and a slide out platform in the main compartment for a generator.