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Hino Truck Custom 5.4m Steel Tray and Toolboxes

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Reference no. 5084

A big job out of the workshop fabricating a 5.4m custom steel tray for a Hino truck. It features a large split door behind cab toolbox with storage drawers, open top storage, central locking and interior lights. Underneath the tray we fabricated 4 underbody toolboxes with pull out drawers and central locking. There is also pull out steps located under the front toolbox and and front passenger underbody toolbox. The ladder racks on the tray taper down towards the rear and have a permanently fixed roof rack for mesh and timber storage. The tray also has two headboard worklights and clearance lights down the sides of the tray.

Hino Toolboxes and Fridge Box

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Reference no. 5162

Recent toolboxes out of the workshop for a Hino truck. Two large toolboxes with a mirrored fit out of two small storage drawers and one large storage drawer and adjustable shelves in the top half. One smaller box is located at the front for storage for a fridge and is mirrored on the other side with just a hinged door with access to the tray of the truck.

Isuzu Truck Double Sided Toolbox and Underbodies

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Reference no. 5038

Isuzu truck fitted out with a large double sided toolbox at the front of the tray with open storage area on one side and storage drawers and shelves on the other. Behind this box is a large open top divided storage box and another open top box on the roof. We also cut down the middle and rear ladder racks to taper up towards the headboard and fitted 6 ratchet straps and tie down hooks to the ladder racks and front of the headboard. Underneath the tray we fitted 3 underbody toolboxes as well as a 2.8m long underbody drawer.

Isuzu Truck Large Toolboxes Basic Fitout

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Reference no. 5197

An Isuzu truck out of the workshop with two large toolboxes featuring a simple fitout with storage drawers and adjustable shelves. They also have the full electrical system with door alerts, central locking and interior lights.

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck Roller Shutter Toolboxes

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Reference no. 5125

Recent Fuso out of the workshop with 3 roller shutter toolboxes. The two front toolboxes feature multiple storage drawers and adjustable shelves. The passenger side box has 12v power sockets for a fridge and all boxes have door alerts and interior lights. The rear toolbox is an open plan with a large rear access roller shutter. Underneath the tray is a 2.6m storage tray.

Toyota Hilux Steel Tray and 4 Door Canopy

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Reference no. 5095

Custom hilux tray and canopy out of the workshop. The canopy features 4 doors to suit a separate dog box compartment at the front and a flush rear access door as well as the full electrical setup with central locking, interior lights and door alerts. On the roof of the canopy we fitted a solar panel with regulator and an under bonnet second battery. The tray features our full setup with underbody toolboxes and underbody drawer.