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Ford Wildtrack Tub Custom Offroad Trailer

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Reference no: 999

Here’s a custom trailer made from the customers Ford Wildtrack Tub. Features an Alko Offroad hitch and an Alko Jockey wheel. Storage boxes located on the drawbar as well as gas bottle holders. On the rear it has a 50×50 receiver and two recovery points off the chassis of the trailer. Leafspring suspension setup with mechanical drum brakes.

Ford Ranger Space Cab Tray and Toolboxes

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Reference no. 1814

One of our freshly done trays on a brand new Space Cab Ranger. Colour matched with above body boxes, centre roller shutter, underbody drawer, HD floor tie downs and removable rear ladder rack. Up top on the headboard we fitted a work site beacon and a GME XRS UHF antenna on the side.

Ford Ranger Wildtrack Dog Cage

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Reference no. 1855

Here’s another dog cage out of the workshop, this time to fit in the back of a Ranger Wildtrak tub. Features a removable centre divider and two doors to keep them together or seperate.

Ford Ranger FX4 Tray and Toolboxes

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Another ranger tray out of the workshop, this time for a new FX4 Ranger. Custom plasma cut headboard mesh to suit customers requirements along with some custom toolboxes and an underbody drawer to finish off that rear bar.

Ford Ranger Space Cab Steel Tray

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Another custom steel tray out of the workshop – Ford Ranger Space Cab with above body boxes complete with internal fit out, tapered underbody boxes, undertray drawer unit, rear door between boxes, central locking, door alerts, LED interior lights, front steps. All colour matched to the cab.

Twin Ford Ranger Dual Cab Steel Trays

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Reference no: 0929

Two custom steel trays for a pair of Dual Cab Ford Rangers. Both featuring two above body toolboxes with internal fitouts, rear ladderack, central locking and interior lights with some Narva work lights on the rear of the boxes. All located within the sideboards of the tray. Underneath both have an underbody drawer and underbody toolboxes. For protection of the paint in the high use areas there is mirror finish stainless steel cappings.

Ford Ranger Space Cab Steel Tray w/ Tommy Gate Rear Loader

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Reference no: 0911

A super different tray that came out of the workshop. Ford Ranger with one of our steel tray bodies, but featuring a TommyGat MaxiLift loader for the back of the tray. Custom company cut headboard mesh and 500mm high sideboards for extra cargo space. Colour matched to the car with matte black accents on the headboard and underbody components.

Ford Ranger Dual Cab Tray and Box

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Reference no: 1539

Ford Ranger Dual Cab with custom steel tray and aluminium above body tool box. Tray includes under body tool boxes, under tray drawer unit, work lights, floor tie down points. Tool box includes custom interiour fit out with door alert and central locking. All colour matched to suit cab.

2016 PX Series 2 Blue Ford Ranger Duel Cab

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Reference no: 1247

Date: 5/12/2016

Design Brief : Dave and Mitchell  Came out Requesting a new tray and Toolboxes to be fabricated for their new Work Vehicle.

We fitted a 1900mm x 1900mm Tray with  3 inch Headboard, 3 inch Removable Rear Rack  2 x Shaped under body toolboxes , and a 1500mm x  150mm Deep Trundle Tray .

We also Fitted a Custom Feature of a Aircraft Style Filler Point to add a more class to the tray and to get ride of the ugly Factory filler point.

We also Cut out their Business Logo in the Headboard mesh For them.

They wanted something special with regards to fit and finish and the Colour Matched / Custom 2 tone paint for the Vehicle came out great and we hope Alex is happy with his new Tray.

Call us today to find out what Luke Bodyworks can do for you.

2016 PX Series 2 Ford Ranger Space Cab Tipper

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Reference no: 0945

Date: 5/12/2016

Design Brief : Karl Came out Requesting Tipper body Fitted with a trundle tray.

We fitted a 3 Inch Headboard and a removable Rear 3 inch headboard which if not in use can be stored at the Front in additional mounting holes, Also a Custom made Water tank fitted behind a removable Panel in the front headboard,and 3 under body toolboxes.

We also removed the Terrible Factory Fuel filler point and replaced it with a clean Newton aircraft Fuel Filler point which is key lockable.

The Trundle Tray was fitted with Central Locking wired back to the factory Remote . We Fabricated a custom made Sub frame which held the 3 Under body toolboxes our Polished Stainless Steel Guards and our Hydraulic Tipping Ram and pump.  With regards to fit and finish the Colour Matched 2pac metallic Grey paint for the Vehicle came out great as well as the Rhino Coating for his floor and Inner sideboards to give it a long lasting scratch proof coat  and we hope Karl is happy with his new Tray.Call us today to find out what Luke Bodyworks can do for you.