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2016 SR5 Duel Cab Toyota Hilux

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Reference no: 0907

Date: 13/10/2016

Design Brief : Matt Came out Requesting a new tray and Toolboxes to be fabricated for a brand New Toyota Hilux .

We fitted a 3 Inch Headboard and 2 Shaped under body toolboxes.

On top to the Tray body we fitted 3 Custom made boxes.

Box 1 on the Drivers Side Had a Custom fit out with drawers and a slide out bench top for all his gear.

Box 2 on the Passenger Side Rear housed a MSA Drop down fridge Side Slide and Shelf for his Fridge.

Box 3 on the Passenger Side Front was a Dog Box with Ventilation On the Front Door.

All toolboxes we fitted with Central Locking wired back to the factory Remote and Door Alerts to make them safe and Secure .To the Top of the boxes we fitted 2 x Rola Roof Racks carrying anything matt needs too.With regards to fit and finish the Colour Matched 2pac Pearl paint for the Vehicle came out great and we hope Matt is happy with his new Tray.Call us today to find out what Luke Bodyworks can do for you.

Painted Custom ToolBox

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Customer Name : James Andronicus

Design Brief : James Requested a Second Tool box from us to be fabricated. this time he asked if we could fit a Drop down Side Slide for his fridge which was currently being transported inside the Back of his vehicle. Doing this frees up Space in the Cabin which he required.

Painted in a 2 Pac Paint to match his Existing box we done as well as the Vehicle.

Call us today to find out what Luke Bodyworks can do for you.

Holden Colorado Roof Hatch

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Customer Name : Michael Shields 

Design Brief : Michael Requested us to modify his brand new body supplied by CSM to be fitted with a Roof Hatch. He also requested us to do a basic fit out with some slide out  drawers and a drop down fridge slide. We hope Michael is happy with his fit out. Call us today to find out what Luke Bodyworks can do for you.