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Volvo Removable Dog Cage

Reference no. 1624

Here’s a unique custom dog cage for the back of a Volvo with a divider in the middle. Fully contained to stop any mess getting into the back of the car and easily removed when not needed.

Custom Stainless Steel Headboard Tank

Reference no. 1740

Custom stainless steel tank to fit at the front of a canopy between it and the headboard. The infill panels do a good job of consealing the tank while also providing easy access for refilling and draining.

Horse Float Truck Modifications

Reference no. 1794

One of the bigger jobs we have fit into the workshop, repanneling the bottom half of a horse float truck. Customer wasn’t happy with the previous work that had been done by another company and wanted some large storage boxes. Before photos can be seen in the last few photos.

Hiace Van Mechanic Fitout

Reference no. 1777

Here’s a completely custom van fit out in a brand new Hiace for a mobile mechanic. Plenty of storage space and a slide out 20T press in the back.

Isuzu Truck Carpenter Toolboxes

Reference no. 1802

Customer wanted a complete fitout for work in his Toolboxes for his Isuzu truck, pvc pipe storage up the top and open top box , plenty of extension lead hooks and a 2.4m long underbody drawer underneath.

Hyundai Dog Door

Reference no. 1838

A couple wanted a cage door to keep there dogs inside when accessing the boot and the ability to attach on their ramp for their elderly dog. All custom made to fit in the back of this Hyundai.

Isuzu Truck Toolboxes

Reference no. 1754

Custom toolboxes for a Isuzu truck featuring plenty of storage options, vented gas bottle storage and a ladder mount. With work lights on each corner.

Custom Surveillance Trailer

Heres a custom security company surveillance trailer we changed for them. Removed the old box housing the diesel generator to be replaced with some lithium batteries and a large solar panel on top that hinges up to gain access to inside.

VW Amarok Custom Tub Toolboxes

Reference no. 1726

A unique job we did before closing up last year, all designed to fit in the customers tub body with enough room beside it for his motorbike. Storage box on top of a custom German slide out kitchen, and a poly water tank to fill in the space above the wheel arch.

Great Wall V200 3 Door Canopy

Reference no. 1722

Custom 3 door canopy on the back of a Great Wall for a returning customer. Our canopies feature a steel frame built into the floor so they can become a lift-off canopy.