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Isuzu Truck Sideboards and Underbody Toolboxes

Reference no: 5106

Recently completed modifications and additions to an Isuzu rigid truck. We fabricated up some sideboards to enclose the tray of the truck and also made the centre ladderrack removeable with a drop in sideboard mount to replace it. Underneath the truck we fabricated 4 underbody toolboxes mounted on frames attached to the chassis. The two large toolboxes have an adjustable shelf inside and all four boxes have mirror finish stainless steel doors.

Isuzu Truck Single Large Toolbox

Reference no: 5348

A recently completed job out of the workshop was this large toolbox fitted to a conreting companies work truck. The toolbox has 4 large storage drawers as well as fixed shelves inside the box for organised storage room. On the outside rear of the toolbox there is a worklight fitted aiming into the rear of the tray. The toolbox also has our electrical setup of door alert with buzzer in the cab, central locking and an interior door light.

Landcruiser 79 Series Steel Tray and Toolboxes

Reference no: 5325

A recently fabricated and completed custom tray set up from the workshop for a customers new 79 Series Landcruiser. The customer wanted some practical toolboxes with adjustable shelves, drawers, slide out table and a place to install a diesel pump and hose reel. Underneath the custom steel tray we have 4 of our underbody toolboxes and a long underbody storage drawer at the rear. In between the large toolboxes we fabricated some open top storage boxes to contain his spare wheel and some roadwork signs. We also mounted and wired up a flashing beacon on the top of his headboard and wired up his toolboxes electrical system to trailer plugs so they can be completely disconnected and removed from the vehicle if needed.

Pair of Truck Toolboxes

Reference no: 5283

Recently fabricated pair of toolboxes for a truck with two separate boxes bolted together. One box to be accessed from the sides of the truck with an adjustable shelf and the other on top with open storage inside.

Isuzu Truck Drawer Underbodys and Rear Drawer

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Reference no: 5269

Recently completed job for an Isuzu truck. Four underbody toolboxes featuring slide out drawers as the doors and the storage area of the boxes. Underneath the tray we also fabricated and installed a 2.8m long underbody drawer to fit in the small space underneath.

Isuzu Tipper Behind Cab Rollershutter Box

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Reference no: 5450

A recent toolbox out of the workshop for an Isuzu tipper. Behind cab toolbox mounted on a steel frame attached to the chassis with roller shutter doors at both ends and a single large storage drawer at the bottom of the passengers side of the box. There is also steps built into the frame to make accessing the inside of the box easier.

Hyundai Aluminium Dog Door

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Reference no: 5455

A recent job from the workshop for a returning customer that bought a new vehicle. Another aluminium dividing door and cargo barrier to keep their dog protected and secure in their car when opening the boot.

Aluminium Canopy with Empty Fitout

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Reference no: 5377

We recently supplied an empty aluminium canopy to a customer to fit to his vehicle up in Tuggerah. This canopy features our new all aluminium construction with an aluminium SHS base frame instead of our old steel base frame, making our canopies lighter and still just as durable.

Tipper Behind Cab Toolbox and Floor Tie Downs

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Reference no: 5256

Recently completed behind cab toolbox for a tipper truck. The toolbox features two deep stroage drawers on both sides and fixed shelves above. In the tray of the tipper we also fitted 6 flush weld in heavy duty tie downs.

Large Truck Toolbox with Top Storage Box

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Reference no: 5167

We supplied this toolbox setup for a customer to fit to their truck. The main toolbox features a simple fitout with some permanent shelves for large item storage. The top box is accessed from inside the tray of the truck. The rear and end of the bottom box was fitted with chequre plate panels to protect the box from their materials and machines.