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Landscaping Trailer – Small

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Reference no. 1646

One of our small landscaping trailers we did for a company. The custom fitout was to suit their needs and equipment. Racks in the toolboxes to hold up their whipper snippers, rake rack located at the rear of the drawbar and plenty of other storage.

Landscape Trailer

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Reference no: 0505

Design Brief : We have been working with Greg from Emerald Lawn and Landscape for a number of years now and Greg requested that we Designed up a new Trailer that he can eventually replace his whole Fleet too. Using our 3D CAD we designed the Trailer as pictured. We tried to incorporate everything Greg requested into the Design to make it easier to Work out of for his boys.  We designed up a custom fit up for all of his Equipment to be positioned Neatly to minimize damaged and prolong the life span of his tools.

Painted a custom 2 Pac Paint to match his Company Colours.

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Custom Designed Trailer

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Customer Name : Communication Excavation 

Design Brief : The guys at Communication Excavation Approached us to design and build a custom trailer to reduce the amount of Vehicles they required on site as well as the number of trips back and forth picking up additional parts. We Designed this on our CAD computer and the Over all design came out looking great. We hope that they are happy with the Final Product.

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Lawnmower Trailer

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