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Toyota Hilux 3 Door Canopy

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Reference no. 1870

Toyota Hilux space cab with an empty 3 door canopy of the tray with interior lights, door alerts and central locking. The rear door is a new flush mounted design for our canopies.

Ford Ranger Wildtrack Dog Cage

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Reference no. 1855

Here’s another dog cage out of the workshop, this time to fit in the back of a Ranger Wildtrak tub. Features a removable centre divider and two doors to keep them together or seperate.

Custom Stainless Steel Headboard Tank

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Reference no. 1740

Custom stainless steel tank to fit at the front of a canopy between it and the headboard. The infill panels do a good job of consealing the tank while also providing easy access for refilling and draining.

Horse Float Truck Modifications

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Reference no. 1794

One of the bigger jobs we have fit into the workshop, repanneling the bottom half of a horse float truck. Customer wasn’t happy with the previous work that had been done by another company and wanted some large storage boxes. Before photos can be seen in the last few photos.

PX Series 2 Ford Ranger Space Cab

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Reference no: 0879

Date: 9/09/2016

Design Brief : Noel Came out Requesting a new tray and  Toolboxes to be fabricated to replace the old body he previously had.

He requested 2 large custom toolboxes with Central Locking fitted down each side of the vehicle with custom Drawers, fold down tables and custom Vice Mounts .

We fitted Narva interior Lights as well as Door Alert Switches which advise him if a door is accidentally left open before he drives off.

Colour Matched to the Vehicle we think this came out great and we hope Noel is happy with his new Tray .

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CSM Canopy and Interior Fit out

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Reference no: 0758

Date: 1/08/2016

Design Brief : Adam  Came out to us after talking to the guys at CSM and wanted a custom Interior Fit out for his New Isuzu Dmax . We took his Rough design and Drew it up in solidworks and   made it fit his new fleet Pro 2 canopy. We Also fitted a set of Brand New Rola Case Drawer Systems to help adam with his on site work. We also installed a Inverter  as well as a additional Battery and Charging System. Which Came out looking great.

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Painted Custom ToolBox

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Customer Name : James Andronicus

Design Brief : James Requested a Second Tool box from us to be fabricated. this time he asked if we could fit a Drop down Side Slide for his fridge which was currently being transported inside the Back of his vehicle. Doing this frees up Space in the Cabin which he required.

Painted in a 2 Pac Paint to match his Existing box we done as well as the Vehicle.

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Custom Designed Trailer

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Customer Name : Communication Excavation 

Design Brief : The guys at Communication Excavation Approached us to design and build a custom trailer to reduce the amount of Vehicles they required on site as well as the number of trips back and forth picking up additional parts. We Designed this on our CAD computer and the Over all design came out looking great. We hope that they are happy with the Final Product.

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Pedal Car Restoration

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Design Brief : We were asked to restore this pedal car back to original by the customer. We hope he is happy with the final Product.

Holden Colorado Roof Hatch

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Customer Name : Michael Shields 

Design Brief : Michael Requested us to modify his brand new body supplied by CSM to be fitted with a Roof Hatch. He also requested us to do a basic fit out with some slide out  drawers and a drop down fridge slide. We hope Michael is happy with his fit out. Call us today to find out what Luke Bodyworks can do for you.