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Holden Colorado Dual Cab Steel Tray

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Customer Name : Michael Shields / Gateway Motor Group

Design Brief : Michael Requested us to Design and Build a Custom Tray to Suit his new Holden Colorado Duel cab. He had already Purchased a Custom CSM Canopy that we had Done modifications to for him, The Tray had to be able to have additional Space when the Canopy was fitted. So we designed a slide out Section to Fit to his body to be used when required. Call us today to find out what Luke Bodyworks can do for you.

Holden Commodore Ute Box

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Customer Name : Blake Chaffey

Design Brief : Blake asked for a simple yet effective toolbox to go in the back of his Ute. After trying a number of other manufactures he came to us and after discussion had us design and make exactly what he required.Thanks Blake hope you are happy with the box .

Holden Ute Custom Boxes

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Customer Name : Mitch Facey

Design Brief : Mitch requested that these toolboxes be practical for him as he is a electrician and he was struggling with his old boxes getting tools in and out. Plus he also wanted to keep a similar shape to the vehicle so it looked good.