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Toyota Hilux 3 Door Canopy

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Reference no. 1870

Toyota Hilux space cab with an empty 3 door canopy of the tray with interior lights, door alerts and central locking. The rear door is a new flush mounted design for our canopies.

Toyota Hilux Matte Black Tray and Toolboxes

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Reference no. 1594

Here’s a custom Satin Black tray for a new hilux. Fitted out with drawers on one side and a MSA drop down fridge slide on the other. All with a water tank fitted underneath and mirror finish stainless company logo between the boxes.

Toyota Hilux Roller Shutter Steel Tray

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Reference no. 1586

Here’s a unique tray out of the workshop for a SR5 Hilux. Features a rollershutter across the top to enclose the tray and a 2 piece rear ladder rack that can be shortened or removed.

Toyota Hilux Dual Cab Steel Tray

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Reference no: 0794

Custom colour matched white steel tray for a Dual Cab Hilux. Features underbody boxes, underbody drawer at the rear, aircraft filler point, rear ladderrack and a tonneau cover. There is a convenient step located on the rear bar for easier access to the tray.

2015 SR5 Toyota Hilux Space Cab

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Reference no: 0953

Date: 8/02/2017

Design Brief : Chris Came out Requesting a new tray and Toolboxes to be fabricated for his new Work Vehicle.

We fitted a 2100mm x 1850mm Tray with  3 inch Headboard, 3 inch Removable Rear Rack  2 x Shaped under body toolboxes, a Water tank , and a 1500mm x  150mm Deep Trundle Tray .

We fitted Narva LED Lights to the rear and supplied Chris with a 3d Model Render as seen in the Photo Gallery Prior to us Fabricating his tray. To give him a better understanding of how his tray will look completed.

The Colour Matched 2 Pac paint for the Vehicle came out great and we hope that they are happy with his new Tray.

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2016 SR5 Duel Cab Toyota Hilux

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Reference no: 0907

Date: 13/10/2016

Design Brief : Matt Came out Requesting a new tray and Toolboxes to be fabricated for a brand New Toyota Hilux .

We fitted a 3 Inch Headboard and 2 Shaped under body toolboxes.

On top to the Tray body we fitted 3 Custom made boxes.

Box 1 on the Drivers Side Had a Custom fit out with drawers and a slide out bench top for all his gear.

Box 2 on the Passenger Side Rear housed a MSA Drop down fridge Side Slide and Shelf for his Fridge.

Box 3 on the Passenger Side Front was a Dog Box with Ventilation On the Front Door.

All toolboxes we fitted with Central Locking wired back to the factory Remote and Door Alerts to make them safe and Secure .To the Top of the boxes we fitted 2 x Rola Roof Racks carrying anything matt needs too.With regards to fit and finish the Colour Matched 2pac Pearl paint for the Vehicle came out great and we hope Matt is happy with his new Tray.Call us today to find out what Luke Bodyworks can do for you.

2015 Toyota Hilux Duel Cab White – Short Tray

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Reference no: 0750

Date: 11/05/2016

Design Brief :  The 2015 Toyota Hilux came out for a custom Package the Tray Needed to be made to suit richards requirements which was a 1475mm long tray.

The tray was fitted with a Trundle tray,  under body tool boxes,  one Piece guards all Designed in our Solidworks CAD System, before we manufactured

Colour Matched to the Vehicle we think this came out great and we hope Richard is happy with his new Tray .

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CSM Canopy Interior Fit Out

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Reference no: 0725

Date: 30/03/2016

Design Brief : Jerry Came out to us after talking to the guys at CSM and wanted a custom Interior Fit out Similar to his old Vehicle. We took his design and retrofitted it to his new fleet Pro 2 canopy and improved it giving him more flexibility. We also had a request to install a Inverter and a couple of additional 12 sockets as well as a additional Battery and Charging System. Which Came out looking great.

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Toyota Hilux Duel Cab

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Customer Name : Con Kanellos 

Design Brief : Con Required a Custom Tray to be made to suit his Toyota Hilux. With a Square tube Loading board  custom tool boxes and Luke Bodyworks Custom Rear bar with LED Lights and trundle we fitted a Jarrah Timber Floor and Oiled it for him. It defiantly came up looking great. We also had The Little Trimmer Fabricate a Custom Canvas Cover as close as possible to the color of the vehicle fitted to finish this off. We hope Con is happy with his new Body.

Toyota Hilux Rear Custom Tray Fit Out

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Customer Name : Brad Trethowan

Design Brief: The Customer Requested the Complete Fit out of the rear of his Hilux Form the standard Tub Body to the complete tray, under body boxes, trundle tray and large boxes with internal shelving and draws