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Hino Toolboxes with Centre Roller Shutter

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Reference no. 1935

The owner of this Hino truck was after some new boxes to replace the ones he had made by another company so he came to us. We made him some custom boxes to suit the layout and storage requirements he wanted. The boxes feature a variety of adjustable shelves and 5 storage drawers as well as the full electrical package of door alerts, central locking and interior LED door lights. Between the two boxes we also replaced the current tie downs in the floor with some larger heavy duty units that mount more streamline with the floor of the tray. This area also has a roller shutter to close off this section and to protect and contain his tools and cargo. Finally on the top of the boxes we installed a worksite beacon.

Hino Tipper Behind Cab Toolbox

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Reference no. 1925

Hino tipper truck with a custom toolbox between the cab and tray. The toolbox is mounted on a steel frame attached to the chassis and has a deep storage drawer on both sides of the box.

Hino Truck Adjustable Toolboxes

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Reference no. 1904

Hino truck featuring two large toolboxes with adjustable shelves and 4 storage drawers. The boxes also have the full electrical package with door alerts, interior LED door lights and central locking. Underneath at the rear is a pair of underbody toolboxes.

Caravan Drawbar Box and Twin Bike Racks

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Reference no. 1894

Here we have a custom 3 door toolbox fabricated to fit onto the drawbar of a large family caravan. The box features two slide out platforms on either side, vented storage area in the middle for gas bottles and a motorbike rack on top with a loading ramp. On the rear bar we fabricated a frame off the chassis to mount another motorbike rack and ramp as well as two jerry can holders.

Isuzu Truck Custom Toolboxes and 24V Power

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Reference no. 1887

Isuzu Truck with a completely custom fitout ready for work. Two large toolboxes featuring storage drawers, adjustable shelves, extension lead hooks, 24V 2000W inverter and MSA drop down fridge slide. We also installed an additional 24V battery bank to run the inverter and lights. At the rear we installed a constant rear view camera with an in-cab replacement rear view screen. Other extras include jerry can rack, tie down track on roof of toolboxes, heavy duty tie downs in the floor, underbody drawer and cradles mounted on the rear of the boxes to store lengths of timber.

Ford Ranger Space Cab Tray and Toolboxes

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Reference no. 1814

One of our freshly done trays on a brand new Space Cab Ranger. Colour matched with above body boxes, centre roller shutter, underbody drawer, HD floor tie downs and removable rear ladder rack. Up top on the headboard we fitted a work site beacon and a GME XRS UHF antenna on the side.

Isuzu Truck Rollershutter Boxes

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Reference no. 1780

This Isuzu truck got a whole bunch of roller shutter boxes from us to store all of the customers tools. We also fabricated a safety cone holder underneath the tray and fitted additional storage boxes on top and between as well as grab handles.

Volvo Removable Dog Cage

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Reference no. 1624

Here’s a unique custom dog cage for the back of a Volvo with a divider in the middle. Fully contained to stop any mess getting into the back of the car and easily removed when not needed.

Horse Float Truck Modifications

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Reference no. 1794

One of the bigger jobs we have fit into the workshop, repanneling the bottom half of a horse float truck. Customer wasn’t happy with the previous work that had been done by another company and wanted some large storage boxes. Before photos can be seen in the last few photos.

Hiace Van Mechanic Fitout

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Reference no. 1777

Here’s a completely custom van fit out in a brand new Hiace for a mobile mechanic. Plenty of storage space and a slide out 20T press in the back.