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Volvo Removable Dog Cage

Reference no. 1624

Here’s a unique custom dog cage for the back of a Volvo with a divider in the middle. Fully contained to stop any mess getting into the back of the car and easily removed when not needed.

Horse Float Truck Modifications

Reference no. 1794

One of the bigger jobs we have fit into the workshop, repanneling the bottom half of a horse float truck. Customer wasn’t happy with the previous work that had been done by another company and wanted some large storage boxes. Before photos can be seen in the last few photos.

Hiace Van Mechanic Fitout

Reference no. 1777

Here’s a completely custom van fit out in a brand new Hiace for a mobile mechanic. Plenty of storage space and a slide out 20T press in the back.

2016 PX Series 2 Ford Ranger Space Cab Tipper – LB0945

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Customer Name : Karl Hankinson

Date: 5/12/2016

Design Brief : Karl Came out Requesting Tipper body Fitted with a trundle tray.

We fitted a 3 Inch Headboard and a removable Rear 3 inch headboard which if not in use can be stored at the Front in additional mounting holes, Also a Custom made Water tank fitted behind a removable Panel in the front headboard,and 3 under body toolboxes.

We also removed the Terrible Factory Fuel filler point and replaced it with a clean Newton aircraft Fuel Filler point which is key lockable.

The Trundle Tray was fitted with Central Locking wired back to the factory Remote . We Fabricated a custom made Sub frame which held the 3 Under body toolboxes our Polished Stainless Steel Guards and our Hydraulic Tipping Ram and pump.  With regards to fit and finish the Colour Matched 2pac metallic Grey paint for the Vehicle came out great as well as the Rhino Coating for his floor and Inner sideboards to give it a long lasting scratch proof coat  and we hope Karl is happy with his new Tray.Call us today to find out what Luke Bodyworks can do for you.

PX Series 2 Ford Ranger Space Cab – LB0879

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Customer Name : Noel Mcgettigan

Date: 9/09/2016

Design Brief : Noel Came out Requesting a new tray and  Toolboxes to be fabricated to replace the old body he previously had.

He requested 2 large custom toolboxes with Central Locking fitted down each side of the vehicle with custom Drawers, fold down tables and custom Vice Mounts .

We fitted Narva interior Lights as well as Door Alert Switches which advise him if a door is accidentally left open before he drives off.

Colour Matched to the Vehicle we think this came out great and we hope Noel is happy with his new Tray .

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CSM Canopy and Interior Fit out

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Customer Name : Buffalo Locksmiths 

Date: 1/08/2016

Design Brief : Adam  Came out to us after talking to the guys at CSM and wanted a custom Interior Fit out for his New Isuzu Dmax . We took his Rough design and Drew it up in solidworks and   made it fit his new fleet Pro 2 canopy. We Also fitted a set of Brand New Rola Case Drawer Systems to help adam with his on site work. We also installed a Inverter  as well as a additional Battery and Charging System. Which Came out looking great.

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Landscape Trailer

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Customer Name : Emerald Lawn and Landscape

Design Brief : We have been working with Greg from Emerald Lawn and Landscape for a number of years now and Greg requested that we Designed up a new Trailer that he can eventually replace his whole Fleet too. Using our 3D CAD we designed the Trailer as pictured. We tried to incorporate everything Greg requested into the Design to make it easier to Work out of for his boys.  We designed up a custom fit up for all of his Equipment to be positioned Neatly to minimize damaged and prolong the life span of his tools.

Painted a custom 2 Pac Paint to match his Company Colours.

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Look Around The Luke Bodyworks Shop

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Please Take a look at the Luke Bodyworks Shop and feel free to drop by when you can.