If you’re after a practical and robust canopy then Luke Bodyworks can help you out. We can design a fully unique custom canopy for you from just an empty canvas all the way to a complex yet efficient internal setup featuring a range of drawer, fixed shelves, adjustable shelves and large storage spaces. Our canopys are based off a steel base frame making them strong and able to be lifted up with jacking legs. If you’re after more access we can also design up a 3 door canopy with an access door on the rear. Contact us today to discuss your canopy ideas.

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Custom Ute Canopies For Your Utility Vehicle

Custom ute canopies are a game-changer when it comes to improving the usability and versatility of your utility vehicle. Investing in a custom canopy can elevate your ute to new heights, whether you’re looking to shield expensive equipment from the elements, increase the amount of storage space you have available, or all three. Luke Bodyworks specialises in creating custom ute canopies near you that are made in order to match your exact specifications and desires.

Luke Bodyworks is a reliable manufacturer of custom ute canopies of the highest calibre. With our unwavering commitment to quality and client satisfaction, we are here to assist you in converting your utility vehicle to meet your unique needs. We can definitely improve your ute with our many custom canopy options.

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Our Services:

Custom Ute Canopy Designs and Fabrications:

Luke Bodyworks recognise that each utility vehicle is unique and that aftermarket canopies might not always be suitable for your requirements. For this reason, we provide specialised canopy design and manufacturing services that are catered to your particular needs. Regardless of the precise measurements, features, or materials required for your canopy, our skilled staff will collaborate closely with you to realise your idea.

Premium-Grade Materials and Construction:

To guarantee the longevity of our custom ute canopies, we take great satisfaction in utilising only the best materials and craftsmanship. Withsturdy frames made of steel and aluminium and weather-resistant coatings and finishes, our canopies are built to last the test of time while shielding your tools and equipment from damage.

Versatile Canopy Solutions:

Luke Bodyworks are not limited to offering solutions that match every situation exactly. We provide customised canopies made to accommodate a variety of utility vehicles, so regardless of the brand or model you drive, we have the ideal canopy option. Regardless of whether you drive a Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger, or Toyota Hilux, our skilled staff can design and build a custom ute canopy that fits your car perfectly and offers the protection you require on the road.

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Experience a better ute with Luke Bodyworks and learn why we’re the go-to option for bespoke ute canopies:

Tailored Solutions:

We carefully design and construct custom ute canopies to match your exact requirements. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, tradie, or outdoor enthusiast, we’ll create a canopy that fits your lifestyle flawlessly and improves your utility vehicle’s performance.

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High-quality craftsmanship:

At Luke Bodyworks, we prioritise excellence. We enjoy offering custom ute canopies constructed to the highest levels of quality and durability, from the first design concept to the last installation. Because of our close attention to detail and precision engineering, you can rely on your canopy to reliably safeguard your valuables over time.

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Boost your utility vehicle with a custom Luke Bodyworks canopy. Contact us now to discuss your needs and begin working on your bespoke ute project. Let us assist you in enhancing your ute by providing a custom canopy made just for you.